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Silvermine a PHP photoalbum viewer v2.62
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By Maurice on December 12, 2004 (update on May 3, 2008) popularity:
Silvermine is an easy to configure photoalbum PHP script. It enables you to browse and view pictures in your favorite webbrowser in a very intuitive way (so even your family will understand ).

New Silvermine scripts have been released with PHP5 support and on-the-fly image generation. No need to have writeable directories anymore! Many bugs have been fixed and much testing has been done.

Disclaimer: this program is provided 'as is'. The author nor can be held responsible for any damage caused in any possible way. Using the software or following the instructions on these pages is at your own risk! We highly discourage using the program for medical and/or life-supporting purposes.

The program is free for personal use, it may not be used by companies or government institutions without permission of the author. The program may only be redistributed in the original package and not as part of any other package.

Just point it to your photo collection and it should work. Each directory represents a photo album, each image found represents a picture.

LIVE DEMO View the live demo at
Support can be achieved through the forum on RuweBit:

No database needed
Supports thumbnails for both images and albums
On-disk generation of small images and thumbnails
On-the-fly generation of small images and thumbnails
Supports movies and other files like documents
Supports comments for each album and each picture
Configurable filetypes
Configurable stylesheets
Support for multiple languages (English and Dutch included)
Tampering detection with E-mail notification
Easy to configure
Easy and intuitive browsing and viewing of pictures
Fully customizable
On the fly watermarking

It doesn't support uploading of pictures and probably never will.
It doesn't support voting and probably never will.
It doesn't support commenting by users and probably never will.

Should I use it?
If you are looking for a nice script to replace your 'open-dir' protocol this is it. Don't look any further. Silvermine shows all available pictures and movies available from the configured top directory and all it subdirectories in thumbnail view. Clicking on a thumbnail shows the complete picture... Each directory represents an album in Silvermine. All maintenance is done on your filesystem. Silvermine doesn't provide features for that (except for creating small and thumbnail pictures).

If you are looking for more features: different users with different privileges, support for uploading pictures, maintance through a web interface, user comments and voting then you should try Coppermine. Coppermine is okay, however I didn't like it because in Coppermine there is no direct mapping between albums and pictures and the filesystem.

By the way Silvermine is not related to Coppermine in any way. However, the name Coppermine inspired me...

What you need:


Other webservers probably will also work, however, I have only tested it with Apache 1.3.28 and PHP 4.3.3. under Linux. Could be made to work for Windows too, but I'm not going to do that (just try it, could work out of the box if PHP for Windows takes care of the forward slashes...)

I have tested Silvermine both with Internet Explorer and FireFox.


Please note: I fixed a security issue with pathnames in v2.30: it is recommended to use v2.30 or later!

Download the latest Silvermine below.
slideshow139.tar.gz - The precessor of Silvermine. Looks quite different - no support.
silvermine_development.tar.gz - Dynamical, potentional unstable, insecure and dangerous (people died using this) development version

Although Silvermine is 100% free for personal use I would be very happy to receive donations. This will trigger me to further develop Silvermine in the future. Donations from 1 euro/dollar and up are very welcome!

If you don't want to make donations, please be sure to click on some Google advertisements on the site. Thanks!

2.62 (2008-05-03) PHP5 support, fixed security issues, improved redirection of moved albums, configuration file parameters changed (but with backward compatibility), on-the-fly image generation
2.38 (2007-08-31) Fix for thumb*.gif and thumb*.png images
2.37 (2007-08-22) EXIF info configurable (default off), added direct link to picture, redirection to moved albums, show navigation now configurable and better watermark configurability
2.37 (2007-08-20) Introducing watermark support
2.30 (2007-02-13) Changed errorreporting (not showing notices anymore), sorting improved, added PNG support, better pathname support and fixed security issue with pathnames
2.24 (2005-10-05) Added custom quality settings for thumbnail and normal-sized JPEG files, some cosmetic and translation fixes
2.20 (2005-04-29) *new feature* Added automatic generation of small images and thumbnails and improved faulthandling for inaccessible files and directories
2.13 (2005-04-04) Cosmetic improvements and better quick installation descriptions in readme.
2.12 (2005-04-01) Support for album names without trailingslash, support for album names with backward slashes and sending configuration parameters with tampering detection mail.
2.10 (2004-03-26) First non-beta version, improved tampering detection behaviour, fixed picture description, fixed previous album behaviour, code cleanup, refactored mail functions
2.00b5 Improved security with stricter input parameter checking, fixed filesize problem
2.00b3 First public release

Input parameter checking is very strict. It is possible that a directory or file names with strange characters are refused by the script. Please check the validate functions in the sourcecode and post your findings on the forum. Thanks.

Installation and configuration
See the included readme.txt file for details.

Quick start

Create a silvermine directory in your webserver root directory
eg. mkdir /htdocs/silvermine

Copy all files including the images directory to that directory
eg. cp -r * /htdocs/silvermine

Edit configuration_inc.php to your own needs
In a hurry? Replace all /htdoc occurences with your webserver root directory

Create a directory named 'pictures'
eg. mkdir /htdocs/silvermine/pictures

Copy directories with images to the 'pictures' directory
eg. cp * /htdocs/silvermine/pictures

Everything is customizable, also check out the header_inc.php and foorter_inc.php files and
the stylesheet.css to customize.

Tip: when you have multiple albums (for example with different styles) you can still use one copy of Silvermine. Just copy the silvermine_inc.php and language_*_inc.php to a separate directory and change the silvermine_dir variable in configuration_inc.php.

Support can be achieved through the forum on RuweBit:


I receive a 'Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xyz bytes exhausted' error, now what?
See support section in forum above.

I receive a 'Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded' error, now what?
See support section in forum above.

Last update notes

Fixed thumb_*.gif and thumb_*.png (introduced with version 2.36)
Copyright © 1999-2010 by Maurice de Bijl. This article was published on 2004-12-12, the last update was done on 2008-05-03 in downloads  scripts  silvermine

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