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Wake On Lan 1.10 for Smartphone and PocketPC - DISCOUNT!!
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By Maurice on April 21, 2006 (update on September 3, 2009) popularity:
RB|WakeOnLan is a Windows Mobile application for Smartphone and PocketPC to wake up hosts in a network. Your networkcard and/or PC must support AMD's Wake-On-Lan (WOL), most networkcards and PC's do support this nowadays. PRICE CUT: Prices have dropped remarkably!
RB|WakeOnLan is a Windows Mobile application for Smartphone to wake up hosts in a network. Your networkcard and/or PC must support AMD's Wake-On-Lan (WOL), most networkcards and PC's do support this nowadays.



Stores hostnames and their MAC addresses
Wakes up a host in a local area network (LAN)
SmartPhone, both 176x220 and 240x320 (QVGA)
PocketPC, support for all screen resolutions
Wake-on-LAN feature via internet (see below and forum)

For a demo video click demo.avi here!!


A Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone or PocketPC device with access to your LAN (eg. through wifi, like the QTek 8300/8310 or I-Mate SP5/SP5m)
When installing the Smartphone has to be application unlocked (see first section of this article)
.NET Compact Framework 2 has to be installed on your Smartphone. Download it at Microsoft and install it before you install RB|WakeOnLAN
One or more computers in your network that support Wake-On-Lan


Click on a picture to view it fullsize QVGA.

Download and installation

A Smartphone and a PocketPC version for RB|WakeOnLAN are available.


this program is provided 'as is'. The author nor can be held responsible for any damage caused in any possible way. Using the software or following the instructions on these pages is at your own risk! We highly discourage using the program for medical and/or life-supporting purposes. This last sentence always makes me smile.

The program may only be redistributed in the original package and not as part of any other package.


There are two types of downloads available: a direct on your device installable .CAB file (you can download it directly on your device over the air - OTA) and a Windows installer to install the program from you computer. Please note that the installer needs the Microsoft .NET framework installed on your computer.

RB|WakeOnLAN for Smartphone, latest version [download cab] [download installer]
RB|WakeOnLAN for PocketPC, latest version [download cab] [download installer]

I haven't tested the PocketPC version on a real device yet. Please give me some feedback. Thanks.

2006/06/27 v1.10 Support for Wake on LAN via Internet (untested), better adaptive layout (so GUI should look good on all PocketPC and Smartphone devices)
2006/06/13 v1.02 Cosmetic fixes and release of PocketPC version
2006/05/02 v1.01 Nagsreen fix and cosmetic fixes
2006/04/21 v1.00 First release

Known issues:
PocketPC version has not been tested on a real device
Wake-on-LAN through internet has not been tested.

I like to receive your feedback.

Steps for installation:
Ensure your device is application unlocked (see requirements above)
Download and install the .NET Compact Framework 2 and install it on your device, if not already done so (see above)
Download a copy of RB|WakeOnLAN (see above)
When you have downloaded the installer, run it and follow the steps, OR
If you downloaded the .CAB file, then copy the .CAB file to your device using ActiveSync or a storage card reader
On your device, execute the .CAB file and install it on your 'Device' or 'Storage Card' (latter is recommended)

When you run the application for the first time, you will get two warnings (one for the .exe file and one for the .dll) asking you if you are sure to run the program. Please confirm both times.


RB|WakeOnLAN is free for personal use, however, the freeware version only allows waking up one host and contains nag screens.The Lite version allows 5 hosts to be woken up and the Home and Professional licenses have no limits. The Lite and Home versions are for personal use only. Companies and government institutions are not allowed to use the Free and Lite versions other than for evaluation. A separate license is needed for each device you install RB|WakeOnLAN on.

Please, before you buy RB|WakeOnLan, first test if the freeware version works correctly on your device.

In the table below you find the licensing fees for RB|WakeOnLan.
New licenses
License Limitations Price (EUR) Buy
Freeware Maximum of 1 host and contains nagscreens 0.00
Lite Maximum of 5 hosts 0.98 [Buy for Smartphone]
[Buy for PocketPC]
Personal No limits, only for personal use 2.49 [Buy for Smartphone]
[Buy for PocketPC]
Professional No limits, for companies and government institutions 9.98 [Buy for Smartphone]
[Buy for PocketPC]

License Upgrade description Price (EUR) Buy
Personal Upgrade from Lite to Personal 1.99 [Buy for Smartphone]
[Buy for PocketPC]
Professional Upgrade from Lite to Professional 9.48 [Buy for Smartphone]
[Buy for PocketPC]
Professional Upgrade from Personal to Professional 7.99 [Buy for Smartphone]
[Buy for PocketPC]

Please be very careful to select the correct license. Licenses for PocketPC and Smartphone cannot be exchanged.

Troubles waking up?

Take these steps to solve your problems:

Take a cup of coffee
Then try if your computer can be woken up from another host
Does your network card and motherboard support wake-on-lan? If your network card is not PCI 2.2 compliant, you need a WOL-cable connected from networkcard to motherboard.
Is your OS configured properly? See here. For some network cards in Windows you need to check 'Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby.' in the device manager. Under Linux, some network cards need the enable_wol=1
module flag.
Is your computer in the correct state? Some computers I have only can be waken up when they are shutdown from the Windows, not when they are shutdown with the power button. One only can be through WOL waken up from hibernation.
Is your mobile device connected to you your network correctly to your LAN. Try to ping the host when it's on. Please note that (bluetooth) connection with ActiveSync does not allow communication from your mobile device to your LAN.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I wake up my computer through the internet?
First of all, your router must support is (mine, Linksys WRT54g doesn't support it at default, but I'm trying to get it to work with custom firmware).

Then you have to select the 'Advanced' settings and fill in the IP address or fully qualified hostname of your router. Also fill a portnumber your router can forward.

Next, on your router you have to configure portforwarding for the computer you want to wake up. See here and here for more information. I will update this section if I have it working myself.

What is this .key file?
The .key file contains your registration information, it will be created the first time you have entered your name and serial key. When this file is deleted, you have to re-enter your registration information.

What license do I need?
If you are going to use the program for personal usage you can choose between the freeware, lite, personal, or professional licenses. You need a license for each device you install the program on.

I bought a new device, do I need a new license?
No and yes. If you are switching from platform (for example from Smartphone to PocketPC or vice versa) then you have to buy a new license. If you for example buy a new smartphone and are not going to use the program on the old one, then a new license is not needed. In that case you can copy your .key file to the new device or you can enter your registration details on your new device.
Please note that you need a license for each device you install the program on.

I'm installing the program for a company. Do I need to enter the license information for all devices manually?
No. You can enter the license information on one device. A .key file will be created which can be copied to all other devices. Please note that you still need to purchase a license for each device.

Feedback and support

I like to hear how the application performs, on what devices it works, what problems you encounter etc. For feedback and support, please use the forum at

If you have problems with the purchase procedure, please contact me at

Last update notes

New version (1.10) has been released with support for Wake-on-LAN through internet.
New version (1.02) has been released including PocketPC version.
License ordering system is up and running now. Payments are handled by Paypal.
Over the air (OTA) download is enabled to download cab files directly onto your device.
Price drop!

Copyright © 1999-2010 by Maurice de Bijl. This article was published on 2006-04-21, the last update was done on 2009-09-03 in downloads  pocketpc  smartphone  wake-on-lan  windows mobile

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Click for more details  2008-01-10 15:43:10 posted by Rodney Alert
I am interested but I have I question. Can it power off the PCs as well and do you have group selection?
Please reply soon, in English, I don't understand any other language.
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Click for more details  2008-01-11 09:37:11 posted by Maurice
It cannot poweroff PCs. You can do this through a telnet or SSH session (shutdown /s for Windows, halt for linux), and it doesn't have group selection.
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Click for more details  2008-01-15 03:51:41 posted by Alex
It could be also used this Internet tool to wake up remote computer over Internet - Online Wake-On-LAN

To use it open this link in your phone/PDA, fill MAC and IP, schedule time and date if necessary and click "Wake up!".

Also it could be created as a single click link in form:
Obfuscated IP-address: 519148551
Obfuscated E-mail address: bpxzznoeknyr
Click for more details  2012-06-18 19:04:43 posted by f.e.a.r.
works great on windows mobile 6.5.
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