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Newer Foscam FI8908W cameras now are easier to distinguish from fakes
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By Maurice on May 2, 2010 popularity:
I recently bought two original Foscam's controllable IP cameras. A black and white one. The white one seems to be produced later than the black one and is easier to distinguish from 'fake' ones.

First let's discuss the term 'fake'. Foscam is an OEM. Which means it sells unbranded webcams to thirdparties, which sell it under their own brand. So, they are essentially the same cameras but probably with different, custom firmware. There are also cameras from other manufacturers that replicated the Foscams, these are 'the real' fakes. But in all cases it is very important to flash only the firmware from the real manufacturer of your camera.

You probably want to go for a real Foscam, because of the quality of their product, their support, their regular firmware updates and the compatibility amongst all kind of applications (like iPhone apps to control your camera, or Zoneminder for Linux).

GadgetVictims already has a great article on how to distinguish real Foscams from 'fakes'. But Foscam listened to their users and now even makes it easier.

The Foscam brand now is printed on the camera (not a sticker)
The box now carries the Foscam logo

There also seems to be some improvements, because the newer camera I have is less sensitive to poor wireless network conditions. It also sees channel 13 and 14 (I'm not sure if this is maybe due to the fact that I bought the new one in my own country and the old one overseas in the UK).

If you are new to Foscam cameras, check this out.


White is the newer camera (mounted to the ceiling), the black is the older one. I use the firmware and Web UI bis on both of them. In the the bis WebGUI the tilt up functionality seems to be a bit broken. It reports two javascript errors (in both Firefox and Chrome): "support on mousedown event" and "support decoder_control function". The camera then moves up anyway, but has to be stopped with an extra click on the stop button.

Click here for the complete album and sub-albums

Copyright © 1999-2010 by Maurice de Bijl. This article was published on 2010-05-02 in foscam  news

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Click for more details  2011-03-09 02:49:03 posted by Sandip Patel
Hi, I purchase Foscam FI8918W today. I am in Toronto. I have set up the camera in my computer wirelessly. Now I have installed Survellance Pro Iphone app, but I cant set up this camera it it. So please guide me to install and set up for iphone.
Thanks, Sandip
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Click for more details  2011-04-15 20:29:44 posted by pthudo
Hi, you have to register with to get free dyndns for set up your camera.
have a fun
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Click for more details  2011-09-21 13:27:37 posted by Carlo
Hi, I've a new apexsis ip cam,: I listen audio cam on my pc , but no over IPhone 4 in 3G mode or wireless, It is my problem or is it right that way?

Yes, audio is not available yet, I'm working on it
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