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Foscam Surveillance Pro iPhone app v1.58
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By Maurice on May 11, 2010 (update on June 26, 2012) popularity:

With the Foscam Surveillance app you can remotely view and control your Foscam IP network camera from your iPhone or iPod Touch. From wherever you are!

The video above is rather old, new features like presets and support for other MJPEG cameras have been added

Audio support (from camera to iPhone, two-way audio in development)
View the live video feed of your camera
Control the camera in all 8 directions (if supported by camera)
Go to preset camera positions (if supported by camera, like the FI8908 and FI8918 please note that you need the latest firmware on the camera)
Fullscreen by rotating the device to a landscape position
Zoom in and out on the image by pinching (even when your camera doesn't support zoom)
Swipe in fullscreen view to select another camera, this only works when not zoomed in (double tap to zoom to 100%)
Mirror and flip is taken into account (so the controls will still work intuitively, even when the camera is mounted to a ceiling)
Adjust brightness/contrast
Adjust flicker reduction
Change camera resolution
Take a snapshot, save it to the camera roll or mail it
Control output switch (if supported by camera, like the FI8908)
Switch IR on/off (if supported by camera, like the FI8918)
Horizontal / vertical patrol and home
Swipe in mosaic view to view more other cameras
Possibility to lock PTZ controls and/or rotation
Mosaic view, showing 4 or 6 cameras
Supports up to 144 cameras
Protect the app with a pincode
Taking full advantage of retina display on iPhone 4
Support for almost any other brand and model MJPEG or JPEG camera (see below)

Not convinced yet? Check out Top ten reasons to choose the Foscam Surveillance Pro iPhone App

The App Store always contains the most up to date feature list.


iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 3.1.2 or higher
3g or wireless internet connection
For access from outside your home network you need to have a internet router with port-forwarding configured
A Foscam IP network camera (see the FAQ for supported devices)

Warning regarding bandwidth usage over 3g connection
When using the app over a 3g connection, be warned that it can consume a substantial amount of bandwidth. If you do not have a flat fee subscription, this could cost you quite a bit of money. If you have a flat fee subscription, you could reach your bandwidth limit or fair use policy limit sooner as you might expect. More on bandwidth usage see here.

To avoid unnecessary bandwidth usage the app will not run in the background and close all connections.


Foscam Surveillance is now available in the App Store. Read here about the progress of application updates or follow me on Twitter.

How to use


In episode 1 of my show & tell series I explain how to navigate in the app.

Basic usage

In the main screen click on the gear icon to access the settings screen
In the settings screen fill in your camera's settings, refer to the FAQ for more info
If for some reason the internet connection has been interrupted, click on the refresh icon in the main screen to refresh the image
Tap and hold one of the arrows to move the camera in that direction, release to stop the movement
Pinch to zoom in the camera view to zoom in or out, double tap to view the original size again. You can even use pinch to zoom when the camera is rotating
Rotate the device to show the camera view in fullscreen

Adding a camera

In episode 2 of my show & tell series I explain how to configure a Foscam camera.

Configuring other JPEG/MJPEG cameras

Since version 1.56 almost any other MJPEG/JPEG camera model is supported. Other than Foscam that is. To see a list of supported cameras follow the url below. When you click on a camera model you are presented with the URL to use in app's camera configuration.

Please understand that advanced features like controlling and motion detection are not available for generic MJPEG/JPEG cameras.

Show & tell series

New show and tell episodes appear first on the Ruwebit Youtube channel.


I get a lot of support questions each day. I answer each question individually, mostly within one day, but sometimes it could take longer. To help me save some time, please first try the FAQ and support forum to see if your question has already been answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please first read the FAQ hosted here.

If you are having problems getting the camera to work over a 3g connection, please note that you need to set up portforwarding on your router first. Please follow the instructions on


If you still have questions, please checkout the support forum here.


The App Store always contains the most up to date screen shots.

Click here for the complete album and sub-albums

Demo clips

Older version 1.2:

Last update notes

Available in the appstore now!

Copyright © 1999-2010 by Maurice de Bijl. This article was published on 2010-05-11, the last update was done on 2012-06-26 in downloads  foscam  iphone

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Comments on this article

There are 74 comments

Obfuscated IP-address: 164013235
Obfuscated E-mail address: bgtmsoniwzbd
Click for more details  2010-05-17 12:04:10 posted by Richard
Hee kerel, in IE8 ziet het er niet uit, fotos komen buiten de rest van de pagina, ook in compatibility mode.

Tja, ik zal er eens schoorvoetend naar kijken
Obfuscated IP-address: 118177382
Obfuscated E-mail address: sljwztqaeyms
Click for more details  2010-06-15 17:17:31 posted by Oliver
Any plans to integrate support for multiple cameras? (toggling or split screen) Does your app also support audio?

Yes. I'm focussing on multicam and audio support
Obfuscated IP-address: 423499410
Obfuscated E-mail address: crbdmqibiyhw
Click for more details  2010-06-21 17:00:38 posted by Koray Ozbay
I have purchased your app because I was not satisfied with the other foscam app. However, eventhough I see the video, the direction buttons DO NOT function in your app.
I have iPhone OS 3.1.3 and my foscam's Device Firmware Version is and Device Embeded Web UI Version is
Could you please advice?

Please use the support forum. I answered you there, I also send you a personal mail to resolve this issue.
Obfuscated IP-address: 156164608
Obfuscated E-mail address: bstdmxjlxfoj
Click for more details  2010-07-14 11:38:49 posted by hanksie
Just like to say your foscam iphone app is great
and now being able to add more cameras is welcome
keep up the good work.Thanks
Obfuscated IP-address: 214290753
Obfuscated E-mail address: buwehpijitoz
Click for more details  2010-07-19 23:19:15 posted by Anonymous
This app looks great, any hope to add support for Linux and Maemo OS ?
Obfuscated IP-address: 142624213
Obfuscated E-mail address: stlbinzodukv
Click for more details  2010-07-28 04:35:38 posted by Shane
AUDIO please!!! Seriously, bought this as a baby cam alternative and without audio it just doesn't fit the bill..

Obfuscated IP-address: 272127215
Obfuscated E-mail address: hyywmdazibnp
Click for more details  2010-08-10 01:50:43 posted by JP
I'm looking for a camera and iPhone app that I can use as a baby monitor. I like the Foscam camera, but am searching for an app that runs on the iPhone or iPad that includes audio support. I came across your app. If you get audio working, you'll have a "killer app" for the baby monitor market.
Obfuscated IP-address: 236247112
Obfuscated E-mail address: bbodyowerjif
Click for more details  2010-08-23 03:17:21 posted by Ale
Any time frame for audio support? I'm planning to use it as a baby monitor, so that is a key feature. Thanks!
Obfuscated IP-address: 267467653
Obfuscated E-mail address: hbacqmfmutwe
Click for more details  2010-08-29 05:34:12 posted by Igor Rafael Souza
I've downloaded your app, its the best!
But, could you increase the number of simultaneously camera for more than six ?
Maybe you could put a scrollbar in the mosaic.

Obfuscated IP-address: 269698320
Obfuscated E-mail address: bqvceoczldgm
Click for more details  2010-09-01 06:07:30 posted by psgolfer
It would be great if you could add audio support. Thanks
Obfuscated IP-address: 173680086
Obfuscated E-mail address: bbxarizbhboi
Click for more details  2010-09-01 16:37:26 posted by Geert
Nice app!
The screen with the |0 control is only visible when something is connected?

Just swipe from right to left
Obfuscated IP-address: 269698320
Obfuscated E-mail address: bqvceoczldgm
Click for more details  2010-09-17 04:56:42 posted by psgolfer
I was wondering if you could post the data usage is for this app. I have a plan with 500MB and I'm already over and the only change in the last month has been me buying this app.

Please let me know what the burn rate is when viewing this via 3G.

Obfuscated IP-address: 149114932
Obfuscated E-mail address: cdcqtkdmaepd
Click for more details  2010-09-17 08:09:50 posted by Maurice
See the forum here
Obfuscated IP-address: 731456858
Obfuscated E-mail address: tsbrrtgrofio
Click for more details  2010-09-18 15:09:14 posted by scolle
I just bought your app, and indeed better then all the apps that I have seen out there. Keep up the good work. Would however very much like audio support. Any news on the progress on this? Are you also focussing on 2 way audio?

Obfuscated IP-address: 952181206
Obfuscated E-mail address: bcbyjlleghdy
Click for more details  2010-10-06 15:35:25 posted by StefanBanach
Very nice app, but I really really hope for audio support soon. I bought my 8918W mainly for baby-monitoring, and without audio is almost usless.

Thank you and keep up the goot work.
Obfuscated IP-address: 822256309
Obfuscated E-mail address: bhldgydbnooo
Click for more details  2010-10-12 05:07:22 posted by Andy
Can it work with Apexis IP Camera?
Such as APM-J011-WS, APM-J012-WS, APM-J0111-WS, APM-J0118-WS and APM-J0233-WS-IR?

I'm not sure, I will contact the manufacturer. If it is compatible I will update this list
Obfuscated IP-address: 822256309
Obfuscated E-mail address: bhldgydbnooo
Click for more details  2010-10-12 08:55:08 posted by Andy
Thank you, pls confirm it.
Because i'm selling Apexis IP Cameras, it will help me a lot if works. i'm looking for this kind of APP now.
if you need the contact information of APEXIS, pls email me.
Obfuscated IP-address: 149114932
Obfuscated E-mail address: cdcqtkdmaepd
Click for more details  2010-10-12 11:27:17 posted by Maurice
It should work with the following list (I haven't tested it)

Obfuscated IP-address: 343371250
Obfuscated E-mail address: bbncrgoaxwkg
Click for more details  2010-10-16 19:13:10 posted by brad
hay i need help with your app the video is great but i cant get any of the buttions to work i have read your fourm and the help topic about this but it did not help any way you can contact me so i gen this resolved? thank you also i have check my cam is supported i have foscam fi8908w

please mail me at maurice (at) debijl (dot) net
Obfuscated IP-address: 331098189
Obfuscated E-mail address: bmtqwhgtqrgh
Click for more details  2010-10-23 19:25:51 posted by Carl
Hello Maurice,
My wife and I love your app. We, like many others, have purchased the foscam FI8918W as a baby cam and would love to have audio support. Furthermore, I have this vision of your app not only supporting audio, but also providing a push notification to our iphones when the baby is crying. How amazing would that be? I assume that this would be something to be tweaked in the camera's firmware, so perhaps I should be sending this idea to Foscam. Pushed Baby Cry notifications would send this camera/app combo into an iphone/ipod touch commercial for sure. :) Thanks again for the app.
Obfuscated IP-address: 179074846
Obfuscated E-mail address: shbbqjmhdhhc
Click for more details  2010-10-29 14:10:05 posted by Martin Warmbold
I have an IP-Camera from Allnet Type ALL2297; do you have a solution to view on the I-Phone 4. I couldn't find an App.
Does your App work with this camera ?

Please let me know as soon as posible
Obfuscated IP-address: 487257770
Obfuscated E-mail address: frjlczzyriio
Click for more details  2010-11-02 17:45:17 posted by Richard
I have just bought 2 foscam's and looking at a supporting App, do you plan to put Audio into yours?

Is there a reason why you haven't?

I will be running app on iPad and iPhone 4.

Obfuscated IP-address: 225601730
Obfuscated E-mail address: breuyhhwrsii
Click for more details  2010-11-04 17:35:27 posted by Bzhquem
Hello i have purchase your foscam software on thé Apple store. It has worked perfectly. Playing. Direction..... I have update the software and now nothing work. Freeze. Nô direction for my 3 camera. What happen. I prefer the older version. When did you correct the problem please. Thank you. Bzhquem

Please mail me at to solve the problem. Regarding controls nothing has been changed between the two versions of my app
Obfuscated IP-address: 282252115
Obfuscated E-mail address: hmhqdmkjmojb
Click for more details  2010-11-07 09:24:35 posted by magali
Just some lines to congratulate you on your app this is exactly what I was looking for thanks.

Would really appreciate audio support ! Any idea when we could expect this (saw you're working on it ...)

Thanks again and keep up the good work !
Obfuscated IP-address: 310579165
Obfuscated E-mail address: bblcpoxrnspu
Click for more details  2010-11-09 11:47:37 posted by Kevin
This app works really well.
When is Audio support coming?

Read here about the issues with audio support. Maurice.
Obfuscated IP-address: 836236663
Obfuscated E-mail address: lqoeibqaszja
Click for more details  2010-11-11 21:39:01 posted by Rodrigo Rascher

I live in Brazil, bought the APP and the camera also frosted, but the BEST item there that is send and receive audio and a notification on the phone the APP!

Congratulations !
Obfuscated IP-address: 836236663
Obfuscated E-mail address: lqoeibqaszja
Click for more details  2010-11-11 21:42:15 posted by Rodrigo Rascher
I again.

A function is a MUST PUSH notification when the sensor detects movement of the camera!

That would be FANTASTIC!

Push notifications are possible using a service like Boxcar, it's detailed here. Maurice.
Obfuscated IP-address: 313556566
Obfuscated E-mail address: cdcsdynrapnv
Click for more details  2010-11-12 00:05:20 posted by ThEdge
Bought the camera and your app recently and am loving both.
Quick feature request: My FI8918W now has the ability to program presets, and to switch between them. It would be cool to be able to do this via the iphone app as it would make moving the camera around much more easy (especially over slow phone connections)
Cheers for your great work.

I didn't know that, thanks will look into it. Maurice.
Obfuscated IP-address: 210288738
Obfuscated E-mail address: vlasrhbygfqt
Click for more details  2010-11-22 20:47:14 posted by CharlieHoward
Same feature request as made by ThEdge: please add "preset" support.

Also, please consider adding brightness/contrast support.

Your program is excellent: really nice, well-designed and reliable. Considering how much work you've put into it, it's a bargain at this low price (as I'm sure all other programmers recognize).

We're currently running two cameras, an FI8908W and an FI8918W. Your program makes it possible to see and control both of them across the internet as well as within the house.

NOTE for people who can't get two (or more) cameras working across the internet: use port forwarding, and give the cameras NON-consecutive port numbers (with my Linksys router, consecutive port numbers, e.g., 85 and 86, did not work, so only the first camera was accessible through the Internet, even though both worked within the LAN).

Leaving a gap between the port numbers, e.g., 82 and 92, solved the problem. Remember to change the port numbers in several places:

1. in the cameras themselves. The cameras will reboot when you do this, and you'll have to use the new port numbers to access them afterwards.

2. in your computer Browser and shortcuts, e.g., and (if the cameras' LAN IP's are and, and the ports are 82 and 92).

3. in the router's Port Forwarding table ("Games and Applications" in some Linksys home-style routers).

4. in Foscam Surveillance Pro on your iPhone or iPod.
Obfuscated IP-address: 716464848
Obfuscated E-mail address: pscvnashbsyu
Click for more details  2010-12-17 22:14:10 posted by Luca
Hi All/Maurice,
I have put my effort in trying to push Foscam to make the audio feature available... here their answer.. Cheers!

Dear Mr. Steven,
first of all my compliments for the amazing device you are producing.
I am one of your customer and am very happy with my FI8918W that I am using in my everyday life when I am in different part of the World and thanks to my Foscam Cam I have the chance to keep an eye and communicate with my family with my computer or iPhone.
I am writing because, as you know, the best iPhone application is called Foscam Surveillance Pro by Ruwebit, but it is some month that a lot of users like me are waiting for the possibility to have the audio feature, like it happnes with our pc/laptops. The software developer explained that due to an Apple restriction he cannot do anything until Foscam changes its audio support, as Foscam engineers where already advised some time ago.
This is not a complain at all but just an advice since your product and that software product can be a fantastic device if working at 100% together, but this cannot be done until there is a new firmare providing a solution for that issue.
With Kind Regards, wishing You all the best and an extraordinary New Year!

Dear Luca,
Thank you for your support on foscam.
In fact,our engineers are trying to fix this issue step by step now.
This issue should be fixed in next few software.
Good business and have a nice day.
Best Regards
Technical Support&Service Team
Obfuscated IP-address: 311702097
Obfuscated E-mail address: bluwpybsffye
Click for more details  2011-01-28 16:45:07 posted by taracats
hi,im new to this but after installing a new Foscam which seems to work fine from a pc or laptop, it seems to freeze after accessing it using my iPhone 3GS. it occurs when using surveillance pro and straight through via safari. I just wondered is there a known issue i am unaware of or maybe i have a faulty camera or just need to adjust a setting somewhere? its very frustrating as once it freezes it needs to be switched off at the power source to reset the camera. also i have noticed the green led at the back flashes rapidly when this crash occurs. i would gratefully appreciate any help or pointers you might suggest.
Obfuscated IP-address: 212112028
Obfuscated E-mail address: bwetwoxqncyb
Click for more details  2011-02-02 19:25:22 posted by Steve
If possible, please please please add sound support. I use livecam pro right now and will gladly switch to this if it can do audio.
Obfuscated IP-address: 214414872
Obfuscated E-mail address: kgjzkgasqezr
Click for more details  2011-02-05 21:04:06 posted by Jean-Marie
Superb ! Now I use it to control my HEDEN CAMHED041PWN Wifi camera easily from anywhere
Seems totally compatible for HEDEN as far as I see ...
Everything is perfect , a french version would be welcome , but on the other hand use is so intuitive.
Sound for me is not a must (and sound of the HEDEN camera is so weak and dull....)
Full screen landscape view with hidden conrol buttons is genious !! you still have direction control !
Sliding control panels too etc etc...
Good job !!! ( sorry for my English ,I am French :-)...
Obfuscated IP-address: 182667938
Obfuscated E-mail address: lykvwzqhncpx
Click for more details  2011-02-09 05:29:48 posted by Fred
Is there no way to select presets? Audio would be nice.
Obfuscated IP-address: 227663911
Obfuscated E-mail address: sltbhvjniwxj
Click for more details  2011-02-27 23:21:14 posted by Niall
Hello, I am interested in buying 6 IP cameras with pan/tilt/2 way audio & control from my iphone. What do you recommend. Niall
Obfuscated IP-address: 316058675
Obfuscated E-mail address: buaagknvctkf
Click for more details  2011-03-31 20:22:40 posted by Emile Fleurij
Beste Maurice.

Ik heb een FS-613A-M136 wireless camera aangeschaft welke ik hopelijk snel zal ontvangen en kan bedienen met je geweldig ogende programma !! Ben er heel benieuwd naar en hoop nog op een EasyN app voor op de Macbook, dan zijn we voor elk medium van alle gemakken bediend.
Obfuscated IP-address: 292267676
Obfuscated E-mail address: bgkhkwgsrhcm
Click for more details  2011-04-04 01:09:02 posted by Dan
Hi there the app works great when iam within my home network, but I can't seem to get it to work with 3g? Any ideas. I have set it up as directed.

Obfuscated IP-address: 296876580
Obfuscated E-mail address: bmipbbrenxdz
Click for more details  2011-04-27 12:13:25 posted by ken s
It sounds like the app should work, i'm having problems getting the app to connect to the cam. I must have a set up problem, your help would be greatly appricated
Obfuscated IP-address: 172552058
Obfuscated E-mail address: zbrcsqpwjveg
Click for more details  2011-05-04 23:01:55 posted by Ifabri
This application is fantastic. Five stars for you
I hope to see very soon an update for to become UNIVERSAL APP for iPhone and iPad.

Obfuscated IP-address: 218244135
Obfuscated E-mail address: bxnyrpkllhpf
Click for more details  2011-05-08 18:42:26 posted by Rod
Hi, Your app works great. I have a problem,I can connect when I am on my own wifi but cannot connect from remote internet.I have tried everything I could think of and spent days,making sure port forwarding,DDNS and everything I read on internet.Please help

Please mail me at maurice (at) debijl (dot) net

For anyone asking support on this page, please don't. Please use the support forum at here
Obfuscated IP-address: 318480268
Obfuscated E-mail address: bvfvxtvwrmne
Click for more details  2011-05-12 16:29:20 posted by rene van duijkeren
Like your app very much.

Is it possible to add preset positions for the foscam 8908/18 cams in the app.

Would be great.

The next version (1.54) will have presets! It is currently under review by Apple.You'll need to have the latest firmware on the camera and you'll need to use an operator or admin account. It's the first in a series of updates with all kind of new features ... Please rate the app after each update! thanks...
Obfuscated IP-address: 112384063
Obfuscated E-mail address: bnwbxoqmtjow
Click for more details  2011-06-23 09:01:45 posted by Tink
I'm very happy with the iPhone app!
But I would very much also like an app for my iMac!
Are you thinking or working on that already?

I've got a Mac Developer account, but I'm not working on it yet
Obfuscated IP-address: 242930974
Obfuscated E-mail address: boqrsvonukiv
Click for more details  2011-07-01 20:27:05 posted by Chris Holden
I agree def. the best iphone app for ip cameras but it does need sound. Next update maybe?
Obfuscated IP-address: 510262372
Obfuscated E-mail address: cryovbynkzbb
Click for more details  2011-07-08 16:20:08 posted by Glenn
I bought this app and I love it, EXCEPT no audio. There are at least 2 other Apps on iTunes that now have Foscam audio: "Live Cams pro" and "Baby Monitor Foscam with Audio". Not sure how they did it but it might be worth a look. I would of course prefer to use Foscam Surveillence Pro since it is a much better camera app.

let us know if you are actively looking into adding audio

Yes I am
Obfuscated IP-address: 710799557
Obfuscated E-mail address: cidndqszgpqo
Click for more details  2011-07-26 19:07:59 posted by webber
Where did the app go? I can't find it anywhere in the Appstore!
(ben heel erg geïnteresseerd :-)

Because of a faulty update with v1.55 I had to remove the app temorarily from the App Store. Update 1.56 fixes the problem and should be available in the App Store today (July 28th) or tomorrow
Obfuscated IP-address: 224318438
Obfuscated E-mail address: fhjhbwebqwjg
Click for more details  2011-07-31 23:34:37 posted by Ole Ploen
Hi! I installed the app an read all comments and questions in the forum. I can see every detail of the cam but the 8 control buttons are out of function. I realy read EVERY note in the forum but I did not have success.

PLEASE help me!

Thanks a lot!

Please check:
Are you logged on with an operator or admin account? Visitors cannot control the camera.
Is there sufficient bandwidth available (mostly applicable to 3G connections)
If the problem persists, reset the camera to factory default through its webinterface. Sometimes the framerate settings is set to an undefined state, leaving no bandwidth for controlling the camera.

Please, next time use the support forum, thanks
Obfuscated IP-address: 298179418
Obfuscated E-mail address: tbbgyaqzodoj
Click for more details  2011-08-02 08:32:38 posted by Jayson
WE NEED AUDIO!!!! great job thus far, but there's been a promise for audio for some time now, and no delivery.

I'm working on it
Obfuscated IP-address: 110022146
Obfuscated E-mail address: broqpzanoqko
Click for more details  2011-08-19 18:04:47 posted by Linus
Hi! Love the App, love the functions but I am expecting audio soon. Any update on that?
Obfuscated IP-address: 214094333
Obfuscated E-mail address: zrrhpuajrytd
Click for more details  2011-08-20 01:51:54 posted by simon
Hey, can you add the support for Wansview camera?
I had one of those camera and currently uses livecams for iphone, but I like the UI in your app better, so I bought it, but then I found I can't seem to find the wansview camera in your look up page. can you help?
Obfuscated IP-address: 240894175
Obfuscated E-mail address: bprtqpzlagvb
Click for more details  2011-08-27 20:05:33 posted by Ed
I really like this app. The ability to initate patrol is a nice feature. Would you consider patrolling on existing presets?

I will ook into it
Obfuscated IP-address: 268332325
Obfuscated E-mail address: bbpbmhgxzeql
Click for more details  2011-09-01 18:10:11 posted by Panthersk1
Will definitely purchase when audio support is included. Would happily pay double with 2 way audio. Things like background noise reduction, audio alert functionality, etc, are additional desired features but all of these seem like they would require pretty intensive development time. Your app looks fantastic and your efforts are appreciated.
Obfuscated IP-address: 218076374
Obfuscated E-mail address: bmyyanxksaht
Click for more details  2011-10-04 22:06:12 posted by Kari
I love this app! Would also pay double for two way audio. Anyway you can create an app for the Droid OS?

I'm working on audio and made some important progress. Just hold on . And the plans for the Android equivalent app are being finished.
Obfuscated IP-address: 663273778
Obfuscated E-mail address: tyljizeuucfo
Click for more details  2011-11-06 17:31:56 posted by Omni
I have using app for some time and I'm quite happy. 2 big recommendations though.

I have been seeing other apps incorporating access to microphone and speaker. I have read your forum explanations of why your app doesnt have this but are there any updates expected?

Your app would gain tremendous value if you incorporate airplay through apple tv or other method.

Obfuscated IP-address: 331652297
Obfuscated E-mail address: cpakcuqdzzug
Click for more details  2011-11-08 23:16:12 posted by Ryan Colley
I like so many other users am using this as a baby monitor. It would be great if you added an "auto dim" feature that you could set to dim the iPhone/iPad backlight automatically after a period of time. So when you have this on your nightstand at night, you could have it dim to 20% until you touch it and then it reverts back to 100% backlight.
Obfuscated IP-address: 197594627
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Click for more details  2011-11-13 23:24:15 posted by Austin
I cannot get my camera to load on my iPhone 4 if I'm only connected to my 3g network. It works fine if I find a wifi spot to connect with. Since it works fine on other wifi networks it leads me to believe there is nothing wrong with the settings I have entered. So why will it not load when I'm connected to 3g?

Please use the support forum for questions
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Click for more details  2012-01-04 17:21:24 posted by Jose
Same for me, I will purchase once two way audio working...great app, is a pitty audio is missed.
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Click for more details  2012-01-10 10:22:07 posted by alex
Please allow me to compliment you on your Foscam app. I've been using it for several months and it keeps track of 5 cams in two different locations. With a little bit of judicious use, it doesn't really weigh much on band allowance (100 Mb per day).
A listen-in feature would be a great add-on for future versions. More than enabling the user to speak through the camera (the quality would probably be quite low, anyway) I could see situation in which one might want to listen to what's going on.

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Click for more details  2012-02-18 03:47:08 posted by Paul
Hi, Your app to control my Foscam ip cameras is truly amazing and I love it!
I am awaiting for an audio feature, which would just make your app the best in the world!

I would like to to see some extra features added though.
It would be to control what logins/cameras go into mosaic multi-camera display window.
I have multiple logins defined per camera (admin, visitor/operator) so when the mosaic kicks in, it creates views for each login, not for each camera.
So, for instance, it will divide my iphone screen into 12 little camera view windows for 4 cameras, which is not desirable and I have no control over this mosaic feature.
Also when do you think you will have video streaming to an ftp server?
Thx heaps for your fantastic work!
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Click for more details  2012-03-03 12:36:11 posted by Qualif

How this version for iPad ?

Is compatible, but no dedicated release yet for iPad
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Click for more details  2012-03-06 00:08:05 posted by Kevin
Outstanding APP. Maurice, you have done a wonderful job on this one!! Works perfectly with the multiple Foscam and the 1 Hootoo camera that I have! The app set up easily and operates flawlessly from anywhere!! I almost hate to ask for more!

One new problem. I just purchased a new Foscam model FI8608W which is new to the Foscam inventory and, among other changes, operates on 802.1N wifi. The firmware version is V3. and the device embedded UI version is

Maurice, do you plan on updating to add this camera to your already very large inventory of supported cameras? I know there is quite a firmware change as you even have to use a new ip camera tool to set it up.

In any event, Thank you very much for a great app and I hope you will consider adding this new camera! Best wishes to all!

Yes, the goal is to support all Foscam cameras
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Click for more details  2012-03-12 22:32:46 posted by Laosakoune
I've test your new update, we can now hear sound, i think, it 's the first appli to do this, it's great, i've just a think, i'm using your appli with an ipad, may be can you update for ipad resolution.


Ps: this is a great appli. It 's very very usefull ( not only for me i suppose)

The app can also be run on an iPad in 2x mode. The artwork and the camera screen will then run in a higher resolution. The texts (fonts) will look grainy however.
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Click for more details  2012-03-16 11:24:26 posted by chr
Hi Maurice,

First of all Great Job, excelent App, i have two foscam 8918W and works excelent. Iam a Mac user 100 percent so the only thing missing is a way to record on a Mac , any advice?

Best Regards


Recording video is not possible yet.
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Click for more details  2012-04-07 21:09:58 posted by jesus
I just need to know where to buy the cameras please
thank you

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Click for more details  2012-04-16 17:52:04 posted by puck
Please, make this for Android. I had this on my IPhone 4 and it was great but I have swapped over and would love to buy this for my new android phone. If possible please let me know. The android market has nothing this good for my cams. I think you would make a killing.

Android app is in the making
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Click for more details  2012-05-04 06:18:01 posted by Ben
I want to use this as a Baby Monitor at night so I want the camera on with audio but I don't want to be disturbed by any other features on the iphone. Does your app allow you to mute the iPhone using the switch on the side of the phone so that calls and notifications for texts, emails etc. are muted but the sound from the camera is still audible? If this isn't possible is this something you are planning to add and do you know when this might be available?
If it does support this functionality is it then right that the volume setting for the audio for the camera is independent of the volume settings for the phone. Thanks.
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Click for more details  2012-07-02 17:13:35 posted by Glynn
Hi Maurice. I've recently purchased the Foscam FI8608W and was wondering when you anticipate having H.264 protocol supported by the Foscam Surveillance Pro app?

Working on it
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Click for more details  2012-07-16 13:02:31 posted by devos
hoi ik heb een foscam en een easyn welek app kan ik het beste gebruiken ?

Foscam Surveillance Pro
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Click for more details  2012-09-06 00:30:39 posted by JeffreyT
seems to be an e mail alert error after trying to run a test keeps telling me server not found i cant seem to get the e mailing motion detection to work i use g mail and after hours of research i cant seem to fix the issue i am putting in all the correct info can u help please?
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Click for more details  2012-09-07 23:31:36 posted by MDHZ
Yep I just got the FI8608W too - any ETA on an update? Just want to know that it will be supported.
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Click for more details  2012-09-18 00:15:22 posted by Richard
Is er een instelling waar de IP Camera MODEL: IP607WX werkend mee is, om de camera te sturen??

Alvast bedankt
Dat model komt me niet bekend voor, en is waarschijnlijk geen echte Foscam
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Click for more details  2012-09-27 23:26:23 posted by Julie
I am purchasing the following up camera.
Is your app compatible with the ip camera ?
Foscam FI9820W (Black) Megapixel H.264 Wireless N IP Camera

I will be using the app on the iPhone 5
Please let me know
Thank you

H264 are not yet supported


Sent from my cell phone
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Click for more details  2012-10-09 18:58:37 posted by Ilan Harel

I would like to buy your app for my iPhone 3 with ios 6.0, but I need to able to connect to 2 different sites with two different ip. is it possible?


Yes, no problem
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Click for more details  2012-10-15 22:00:14 posted by Arshad Mazharullah
I bought the Foscam Pro app yesterday. It does not list the Foscam FI8920W camera in its list, so I selected the FI8918W camera. It does not work. Is this app suitable for the FI8920W camera ? Are there any other settings that I need to change ?

You probably mean the FI9820W camera, which is an H264 camera. Not supported yet, but working on it
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Click for more details  2012-10-26 05:36:46 posted by Jim
Is it possible to have a 2 panel mosaic view if one has only 2 cameras? (Works well in portrait orientation on "NetCamViewer" for Axis. Thanks!
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