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Surveillance for AXIS cameras iPhone app
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By Maurice on July 31, 2010 popularity:
With the Surveillance for AXIS cameras app you can remotely view and control your AXIS IP network camera from your iPhone or iPod Touch. From wherever you are!


View the live video feed of your camera
Control the camera in all 8 directions
Control the zoom and focus of your camera (if your camera supports it)
Control the iris of your camera (if your camera supports it)
Control the IR cut filter and backlight of your camera (if your camera supports it)
Extra zoom by pinching on the image
Fullscreen by rotating the device to a landscape position
Mosaic view showing 4 or 6 cameras
Supports up to 144 cameras

The AppStore always contains the most up to date feature list.


iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with firmware version 3.1.2 or higher (iOS 4 has been tested on devices, iPhone 4 has been tested in a simulator)
3G or wireless internet connection
For access from outside your home network you need to have a internet router with port-forwarding configured
An AXIS IP network camera (see the FAQ for supported devices)


Surveillance for AXIS cameras is now available in the App Store. Follow me on Twitter for news about updates.

How to use

In the main screen click on the gear icon to access the settings screen
In the settings screen fill in your camera's settings, refer to the FAQ for more info
If for some reason the internet connection has been interrupted, click on the refresh icon in the main screen to refresh the image
Tap and hold one of the arrows to move the camera in that direction, release to stop the movement
Pinch to zoom in the camera view to zoom in or out, double tap to view the original size again. You can even use pinch to zoom when the camera is rotating
Rotate the device to show the camera view in fullscreen

The AppStore always contains the most up to date manual.



Please first read the FAQ hosted here.


If you still have questions, please checkout the support forum here.

AXIS camera kopen in Nederland? Kijk eens op


The AppStore always contains the most up to date screen shots.

Click here for the complete album and sub-albums

Copyright © 1999-2010 by Maurice de Bijl. This article was published on 2010-07-31 in axis  downloads  iphone

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Obfuscated E-mail address: odyzhkmlojcx
Click for more details  2010-08-10 00:04:54 posted by Peter
...wellicht een alternatief webclip ikoon voor je Axis Surveillance app.?

Dit webclip ikoon heb ik gemaakt voor mijn eigen website waar ik uitsluitend High Definition Axis camera's op verkoop EN installeer. Zie
Obfuscated IP-address: 513146648
Obfuscated E-mail address: bnxigbmmispe
Click for more details  2011-08-11 19:26:47 posted by Jim blessinger
Can I use the vidio camera on my iPod touch as the camera sending vidio to my wifi Mac computer and have it steam to my iPhone?

No, this app is specifically for Axis cameras
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